The rights of sepulture in a cemetery plot, as held by lot owners, does not carry the rights of an owner of real estate, but are governed by the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by Managers of the Cemetery (Board of Directors) in order that the uses of the lots by the owners and the
Cemetery may be harmonized and the grounds more efficiently maintained. They have not been adopted arbitrarily but rather in the belief that their observance will enhance the beauty of the grounds and assure the permanency of an atmosphere of quiet dignity.

1. The graves and lots in the Cemetery shall be used for no other purpose than as a place of sepulcher for human bodies. Above-ground burials are not allowed. Cremains are limited to two in one grave.

2. Lot owner shall not be permitted to allow interments to be made in their lots
for a remuneration. No transfer of any lot is valid unless the consent in writing is endorsed by the Treasurer, and a new Deed issued in accordance with the By-Laws. Resale of lots may be carried out through Oaklands Cemetery with the Cemetery retaining a percentage for so doing.

3. Walls or railing erected on the lots must be within the limits thereof; and when  walls are to be surmounted by a railing, they cannot exceed two feet in height, and no
tomb, vault, railing or other structure, shall be raised more than four feet six inches above the adjacent ground without the permission of managers. Monuments may be erected, so as not to obstruct any principal view, or interfere with the general effect of the grounds; but no extensive improvement of the kind can be constructed without the consent of the managers. No tree is to be planted on or removed from any of the lots without the consent of the managers.

4. The managers reserve the right of removing from the lots and grounds such trees as they may think necessary to ensure the proper improvements and adornment of the cemetery. All trees removed to be the property of the Cemetery. The Cemetery also
reserves the right to trim and prune where it deems necessary or advisable.

5. If any existing trees or bushes situated in any lot shall, by means of their roots or branches, become detrimental to adjacent lots or avenues, or unsightly, it shall be the right and duty of the Cemetery to enter upon said lots and remove said trees, shrubs,
bushes or parts thereof.

6. If any monument or effigy or any structure whatever, or any inscription be placed in or upon any lot, which shall be determined by the managers to be offensive or
improper, the said managers shall have the right, and it shall be their duty to enter upon such lot, and remove such offensive or improper object or objects. (Original Rules) Shrubbery may be planted and flowers cultivated, within the lots, according to the
taste of the purchasers, so as not to obstruct the view or injure the symmetry of the ground; the Cemetery takes no responsibility for their maintenance, nor any responsibility if they are killed or damaged. See “Plot Adornment” Below

7. In making excavations the Cemetery reserves the right to use temporarily the adjoining lot or lots to receive such tools and equipment as is necessary to perform the work.

8. Lot owners are required to prepay all charges of the Cemetery for interments, labor and materials. No burial shall be permitted in any lot against which there is any
charge of the Cemetery due and unpaid.

9. The charge for Perpetual Care and maintenance of each lot, which includes mowing and trimming the grass, shall be at the discretion of the Cemetery.

10. All work in the Cemetery shall be done by or under the supervision of the Superintendent of Oaklands Cemetery.

11. Lot owners may adorn their lots with flowers only adjacent to the monument.
Artificial flowers may not be used between. All floral pieces when faded, dead flowers and plants, water containers and artificial flowers may be removed by the Cemetery. All holiday decorations (Easter, Christmas, etc.) must be removed within one month of the

12. The Cemetery reserves the right, and it shall be its duty, to remove or reset fallen monuments; and to repair those in a dangerous and/or unsafe condition. All such
improvements will be at the expense of the lot owner.


13. All lots purchased shall be endowed for perpetual care. Purchaser shall have privilege of spreading payments for said lot over a two (2) year period. No interment shall be permitted, however, unless all charges have been paid in full.

14. The Cemetery may from time to time revise these Rules, make reasonable amendments and additions thereto as may be necessary for the proper administration of the Cemetery.

15. All interments in lots shall be restricted to members of the family and relatives of the proprietors thereof, except special permission to the contrary be obtained
in writing from the President or a manager, and no disinterment shall by allowed without permission from the board of managers. No interment in lots appropriated to the use of religious societies or other corporate bodies shall take place without an order that the effect by the proper officer or officers of such society or corporate body, and a permit granted thereon by the President or a manager of the cemetery.

No Interment can take place without a permit from the President or one of the board of managers.

Applications for the purchase of burial lots may be made to any of the managers, and upon approval by the board, and payment of the purchase money, a deed will be delivered therefore, before which no interment or occupancy will be permitted.

THE CREMAINS AREA (The Memorial Garden)
The Cemetery has designated a special section for the interment of ashes. Each lot is 4’ x 4’ with the top 2’ x 4’ allotted for a marker and the two lower corners 1’ x 1’,
to be the site for the interment. No more than two interments per lot will be permitted.
Only flat ground level markers are permitted to permit mowing. For the same reason there can be no plantings within the section.

Only floral arrangements, fresh cut, may be placed at the interment location at any time throughout the year. Placement of fresh cut floral arrangements is highly
encouraged. All floral arrangements must be placed in an approved permanent vase; glass vases are prohibited.
Out of consideration to those with recent deaths, funeral flowers, along with other funeral items, such as stands, baskets, frames and casket sprays may be placed at the interment site the day of the service and may be left at the site for one week. Family members should remove any funeral items they wish to keep at the conclusion of the graveside service.
Family members and friends who wish to commemorate a special occasion or significant date in the life of their loved one by placing floral arrangements at the site
should, prior to placement, inform the Superintendent to help ensure these special placements will not be disturbed during this time.
During holidays and special days of honor, appropriate flowers and arrangements may be placed at the interment site. Such appropriate tributes may be placed one week prior and left one week after the holiday.

All floral arrangements will be removed from interment sites by Cemetery staff when they become wilted, discolored, or unsightly.
Any non-floral decorations or adornments including, but not limited to, ceramics, statuary, rocks, benches, glass, baskets or stands will be removed from the site as soon as they are identified by Cemetery staff. These items will be tagged and dated for identification purposes and stored for three months for family members to claim.
The Superintendent will, when proved, set any federal government marker at the appropriate spot at veteran’s graves. Public service flags, emblems, ensigns or the
American flag may be displayed directly in front of or immediately to the side of a headstone or marker.
No adornments shall be allowed if, in the opinion of the Managers or their designated, such decorations detract from the dignity and serenity of the Cemetery.



1. No entrance into the grounds after dusk.

2. Walking dogs or other pets near where stones and monuments are placed in this cemetery is strictly prohibited. Dogs and dog activity are to be strictly
policed by their owner.

3. All-terrain vehicles including mini bikes and motor bikes are prohibited on the cemetery grounds.

4. All work done in the cemetery shall be done by or under the supervision of the superintendent.

5. The cemetery reserves the right to remove or reset fallen monuments and repair those in dangerous condition.

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